Help them to change career or make a move within your company!

Do you want to take stock of your employees’ talents, skills, motivation and potential for development? Or work with them to create their career or training plan?

Our career development programmes can breathe new life into an employee’s career by helping them to fine-tune or change their current career path, taking into account their personality, goals and existing opportunities.


Our programmes can help your employees to:

  • Take stock of their career to date
  • Gain a better understanding of their talents and strengths
  • Choose the right course for the next phase of their career
  • Achieve the objectives set


Happy at Work programme

By providing insight into an individual’s “driving forces” – the motivations and needs that inspire them to progress and develop – this programme can steer them towards an area where their talents and skills will enable them to excel, thus boosting their performance and helping them to feel more fulfilled in their work.

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Skills and personality programme
This programme helps to clarify an individual’s professional profile in terms of their skills, personality and goals, to identify potential avenues for career development and to define a well-thought-out and targeted career objective.

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Career guidance programme

This programme provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s career to date, their skills, personality profile, strengths and weaknesses. A strategic career development plan is drawn up on the basis of this assessment, including what support the individual requires to help them make the transition.

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Testimonial :

“Annika’s active listening and great professionalism were evident from our very first sessions. Her analytical skills and ability to anticipate my needs immediately suited me. I liked Annika’s personality and sincerity – she immediately put me at ease and I felt that I could place my trust in her straight away. I also really valued her human side and the fact that she took the time to listen and get to know me.”




“An investment in your staff is an investment in your company’s success.”