Take care of your employees to foster sustainable engagement & performance!

Good mental health at work and good leadership go hand in hand, and there is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive. Focusing on wellbeing at work can increase productivity by as much as 31%.

The Staff-Care Program

The Staff-Care Program is a comprehensive solution for employees and teams to maintain a healthy balance and thrive in their jobs:


Self-Care Program

Individual online coaching to support employees dealing with: stress, pressure, issues related to work life balance, lack of motivation, conflicts, inefficiency, poor time management, organizational questions.


Team-Care Program

Team-Care Program offering inspiring workshops for the team and support for the team-leader, online and on site:

  • Workshops to strengthen well-being & engagement, cohesion & efficiency within the team.
  • Leadership coaching & support for the team leader to reinforce posture & communication, developing a human-centric & sustainable approach.

The two programs, Self-Care and Team-Care can be implemented separately or simultaneously. They are available in English, French, Swedish, and Russian.

Staff-Care Program in practice
Testimonials from

  • 800 individual coaching sessions
  • 3 workshops over a period of 18 months

“Your coaching was very helpful! Following your advice, I could handle much more balance between stress and work productivity.”


“Thanks a lot for helping me in such difficult times and guiding me with the way forward.”


“The session was excellent, I am looking forward to testing out what we discussed.”


“The workshop has been super helpful to stay focused and less stressed.”