Welcome to those who want to reveal their talents and to those who want to lead more fulfilling professional lives.


Happiness: your best career booster!

Do you know how much time you spend at work during your lifetime? Work takes up a third of your life. As an adult, you spend more time working than any other activity, apart from sleeping… So don’t waste that time! Make the most of it and take the path to greater well-being at work.


Love Mondays!

Happy-at-Work is here to help you move your career forward. Together, we can support you through:

  • Skills and motivation programmes
  • Career guidance and transition programmes

We can also help you to fulfil your potential in the areas of:

  • Personal marketing
  • Professional efficiency
  • Managerial skills
  • Interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence



“Employees who feel fulfilled at work are 53% more likely to progress professionally than other employees.”