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The goals of this course is to develop your human, managerial and strategic skills in order to increase sustainable performance while becoming a key player in workplace well-being!

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Chief Happiness Officer
Fundamentals program


The CHO Fundamentals course will equip you with the knowledge and capacity to positively influence on your environment, team, company stakeholders and customers.


  • Fundamentals: the science of workplace performance and the links between health, happiness and engagement
  • Challenges: assessing the work environment – from surviving to thriving 
  • Happiness Manager best practices:
    – The drivers for happiness at work: The “3 Rs”
    – The impact of leadership
    – Emotional intelligence, individual and collective
    – Psychological safety in the workplace
    – Sustainable resilience; why and how
    – Mesuring and analyzing happiness
  • Becoming an effective CHO
    Responsibilities and key success factors


At least 4 years of work experience


  • Training dates : 2-days training
    • Dates to be confirmed
  • “Chief Happiness Officer” Fundamentals Certificate given at the end of the training
  • Prices
    • Face-to-face: CHF 1,960
    • Online: CHF 1,660


Chief Happiness Officer
Advanced program


As the person responsible for leading positive transformation in the workplace, you will master the cross-functional drivers that are key to effecting long-term change across complex organisations.


  • Employees’ needs and the key drivers of engagement
  • Transformational strategy: spot the challenges and develop a methodology and a strategy for enhancing quality of life at work
  • Cross-functional drivers: 8 modules to expand your “Happiness Toolbox”:
    – Create purpose
    – Build trust and psychological safety within organisations
    – Align behaviors with culture and values
    – Reduce absenteeism by actively managing absences
    – Rethink internal communication in a fast-changing business
    – Adapt the environment and the organisation
    – Mesure impact: happiness and performance indicators
    – Manage change and positive transformation

  • Key challenges of the CHO and “Leadership by Happiness”: identify and manage barriers and drivers (both personal and organizational)
  • Your personal action plan to deliver positive transformation and long-term performance


CHO Fundamentals Certificate or relevant professional experience (based on a review of your application)


  • Training dates : 2-days training
    • Dates to be confirmed
  • “Chief Happiness Officer” Advanced Certificate given at the end of the training
  • Prices
    • Face-to-face: CHF 1,960
    • Online: CHF 1,660

New dates to be confirmed.


Chief Happiness Officer
Complete program: Fundamentals AND advanced


Fundamentals and Advanced levels (4 days)

Face-to-face training : CHF 3’700 instead of CHF 3’920
Online training : CHF 3’100 instead of CHF 3’320

New dates to be confirmed.


Be the change you want to see in your organization… but not alone!

Create a movement of wellbeing ambassadors

The more people trained in a company, the higher is the impact.

Join and invite your colleagues: 

                    • Second inscription – 30 % discount
                    • Third inscription – 50 % discount

*This offer is valid within the same company. Please contact us for multiple inscriptions.

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  • Anyone who wants to improve the well-being of their team or business
  • Executives and managers
  • Human resource and communication professionals, PMO specialists…
  • Internal and external facilitators, coaches and consultants


  • The price includes all course materials and daily thematic discussions with a guest expert
  • The training combines theory, best practices from leading companies, group discussion and experience sharing
  • All our instructors are recognized experts in their field
  • Each participant gets a one-on-one coaching session at the end of the course
  • The programme can be delivered in-company (minimum 8 participants)


« The CHO training is an insightful and inspiring yet concrete workshop on how Happiness can change the way we interact at the workplace to make it a fulfilling everyday experience.

The first two days are a comprehensive introduction to the concept of how a happier workforce can and will increase productivity and the success of any company. »

« The second part provides for very useful and concrete tools on how to implement the concept on a daily basis.

The training days are complemented with external experts highlighting specific topics.

Annika and Philippe are an excellent tandem, they master their topic fully and energize the conversation both live and online. »


Annika Sagnell Blum
Senior Client Relationship Officer
Pictet Wealth Management

Limited number of participants


Happy and engages employees are :


Sustainable business and employees

Whether from lost sales, quality issues, inefficiencies, poor cost management or absenteeism, businesses around the world lose millions in revenue each day because employees are disengaged, overworked or stressed out.

Many studies have shown that “happiness” is a central factor for organizational growth and success, and that employees’ well-being drives performance, innovation and long-term sustainability. 

Graphique : Lyubomirsky, King, Diener, 2005 – Gallup, 2012


Supporting positive transformation in the workplace

Since 2008, Happy at Work has been helping organisations and business leaders improve their performance through enlightened and responsible human capital management.

More than 10,000 leaders have attended our programmes worldwide.

The modules of the CHO training programme are led by Happy at Work founder Annika Månsson, a pioneer and recognised authority on workplace happiness, alongside instructors with extensive experience in their field, from business leadership, human resources and corporate communication to workplace psychology, absence management and workplace strategy.

All together, we make a Happy team!


CHO Training
Chief Happiness Officer