Your employees are key to your company’s success

Happy at Work workshops aim to stimulate engagement, cohesion, leadership and performance. From 2 hours up to 2 days, the length of our workshops is flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs and expectations. Workshops can be delivered in French, English or Swedish.

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed!

Our workshops:

  • Are interactive and packed with practical exercises
  • Provide attendees with practical tools that they can apply straight away
  • Face-to-face on online

How to develop resilient leadership 

The influence of the leader accounts for 70% in employee engagement!
This workshop explores how to move towards a more human and sustainable leadership, what tools and practices to implement and what the posture of tomorrow’s leader is to build sustainable engagement and performance.

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How to cope with stress and pressure on a daily basis 

Discover concrete tips and tools to take care of yourself and keep your balance throughout the day.

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How to develop resilience in turbulent times 

In this workshop you will discover concrete ideas and tools around how to manage your level of energy and develop resilience in a complex environment.

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How to stay motivated and engaged at work in a context of perpetual change 

Discover the driving forces behind motivation and explore how to stay highly engaged, even in turbulent times.

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Happiness at work – Yes, please!

The workshop gives participants everything they need to start creating a happier and more productive work environment, including: – Knowledge of happiness at work based on the latest research. – Specific tools they can use the next day. – The energy and willingness to really make a change. – An excellent positive experience shared as a team.

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Happy & Mindful at Work

This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to raise your level of awareness, train your focus and improve your well-being and efficiency at work. The powerful combination of mindfulness and positive psychology will help you to strengthen your mental resilience and maintain peak performance in a complex environment.

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Build successful teams

A team’s performance depends on the ability of its members to work together day-to-day. This workshop uses tools such as the MBTI® assessment and Belbin Team Roles®, combined with role play and group work, to improve cohesion, making your team more efficient and successful.

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Mindful Leadership

Resulting from research on mindfulness, this program represents a new path to develop the leaders of tomorrow, enabling them to better manage the constant changes of the business environment. It allows them to consciously position themselves confidently and appropriately to achieve objectives and overcome challenges. It cultivates the positive values that are key to creating a constructive environment and corporate culture. The workshop will help attendees to become leaders who are able to support their teams to feel more fulfilled at work and their companies to thrive.

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Partnering with Ellen Kocher from Whealthness, we provide an interactive, fun and pragmatic workshop aimed at motivating the behavioral change needed to increase resilience and conquer the challenge of stressful working life. The workshop focuses on Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual well-being to enhance Happiness, Engagement, Creativity, Resilience, Loyalty & Productivity!

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Other workshop topics* to suit your business needs:

  • High-impact team workshop
  • Self-leadership: resilience, coping with stress and emotions
  • Developing emotional intelligence and lasting relationships
  • Management by happiness
  • Women in leadership
  • How to be happily stressed
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Brilliant meetings

* NB: the list of topics above is not exhaustive and may change depending on clients’ specific needs



“Fulfilled employees achieve 27% better results than their colleagues who feel less fulfilled.”