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Time passes quickly and our pace of life can often seem hectic. When do you take the time to stop, take stock and listen to yourself? Are you happy with your career decision? Do you find your work meaningful? In 10 years, do you still want to be doing the same thing that you are doing today? What are your real career goals?

Happy-at-Work can help you to reflect on your situation and provides you with a range of tools or restore meaning to your day-to-day working life. We offer personalised career development programmes to suit your needs and goals.



  • Take stock of your career to date
  • Gain a better understanding and make best use of your talents and strengths
  • Identify your motivations and what drives you
  • Choose the right course for the next phase of your career
  • Refocus on your goals and help you to achieve them

All of our programmes include several meetings with the consultant and you will be expected to devote some of your own time to individual work.


The tools used during the programme include the MBTI®, the world’s most widely used personality test, and other motivation and aptitude tests. Our programmes normally take between 6 and 15 weeks, depending on the goals set.


3 career development programmes just for you!

Happy at Work programme

By providing insight into your “driving forces” – the motivations and needs that inspire you to progress and develop – this programme can guide you towards an area where your talents and skills will enable you to excel, thus boosting your performance and helping you to feel more fulfilled in your work.

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Skills and personality programme

This programme helps to clarify your professional profile in terms of your skills, personality and goals, to identify potential avenues for career development and to define a well-thought-out and targeted career objective.

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Career guidance programme

This programme provides a comprehensive assessment of your career to date, skills, personality profile, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. A strategic career development plan is drawn up on the basis of this assessment, including what support you need to help you make the transition.

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“With Happy-at-Work, you’ll be saying ‘Roll on Monday!’ more often!”