in partnership with Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce

On-line event,  3rd of June,  12.30 – 2.00 pm

The business landscape is undeniably shifting. We have just experienced around five years’ evolution of digital transformation in just one year.
In this fast changing context,
it is essential to adapt the leadership to the new reality and challenges we are facing.
Real change is required in the way we lead!
While some aspects of leadership will remain, future leaders will need to possess a new set of skills and mindsets to lead effectively.
This is because our businesses will look and operate fundamentally differently
which means we need a new type of leader at the helm of our organisations.
Let’s prepare together the leadership of tomorrow! 

Join us on June 3 to meet and interact with leaders from IKEA, World Economic Forum and Happy at Work.

during the WEBINAR you will:

  • Explore the new future of work agenda for organisations following the pandemic,
  • See how leadership is evolving for the new world of work,
  • Discover the new set of skills and mindset required of tomorrow’s leaders and learn how to develop and use them,
  • Better understand the current and future business landscape and realize how to thrive in a context collapse,
  • Learn leadership best practices from IKEA and other corporates,
  • Develop the capability to adapt a more human-centric leadership,
  • Interact with speakers and participants on how to prepare for the future.


Keynote Speakers

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Jessica Anderen

IKEA Switzerland


Jessica has built up more than 32 years of experience with IKEA. Jessica has since September 2019 held the role of CEO & CSO IKEA Switzerland. Prior to arriving to Switzerland, Jessica had a diverse career in IKEA, living and working in many parts of the world. Through her constant work within several Management Committees across IKEA she has developed a great sense of diligence.

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Aidan  Manktelow

Insights Lead, Inclusive Business
World Economic Forum


Aidan leads the World Economic Forum’s Preparing for the Future of Work initiative, which aims to create large-scale collaborative action to address the impact of technological change on work, workplaces and workforces and to shape a positive and human-centric new world of work. He also manages the Forum’s Chief Human Resources Officer Community. He previously led the Promise of Platform Work initiative, mapping the platform economy and working with a coalition of platform companies and other stakeholders to align on strong standards for platform work. Aidan formerly worked in the macroeconomic research unit at Banque Pictet and at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), where he directed the company’s executive briefing service for Eastern Europe (The Economist Corporate Network), managed its global operational risk service and was a senior economist.    


Annika Månsson

Happy at Work



Annika has built up over 13 years of experience in a wide range of multicultural sectors in more than 20 countries. Expert in leadership development, positive organizational transformation and well-being at work, she inspires teams and individuals through her keynotes, trainings and coaching in companies like Novartis, Scandinavian Airlines, FIBA, JP Morgan, UNICEF and many others around the world. Annika holds a Master’s degree in marketing and worked for 15 years at the Danone group, where she held a range of managerial positions for the Evian brand, in the areas of marketing and communication.


12:30 Welcome by Eva Fiorenzoni, MD SSCC

12:35 Annika Månsson, Happy at Work – Introduction

12:40 Aidan ManktelowWorld Economic Forum – Human-centric leadership in the future of work Changes to where and how we work as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and the acceleration of automation have posed new challenges for leadership. What is the new future of work agenda for organisations following the pandemic and what is the role of leadership within that? How is leadership evolving for the new world of work?

13:00 Jessica AnderenIKEA Switzerland – The importance of authentic leadership In these transformational times where digitalization is key to success, it has never been more important to be human, authentic and lead with a purpose in everything we do. During this conference I will share concrete and tangible actions in how we lead IKEA into a new era where “only about growth is over” and where purpose, culture and psychological safety are key for future leadership.

13:20 Annika MånssonHappy at Work – The future of leadership in practice Tools and tips to adopt a sustainable and human-centric leadership.

13:30 Breakout groups

13:40 Sharing of key findings and panel discussion

14:00 End of event

Join us to prepare together the leadership of tomorrow!